Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Morning Father

Here I am this morning Lord, ready to start my day.
I pray that you will guide me Lord, in each and every way.
Help me be kind an gentle Lord, and patience is a must,
especially with my children Lord, there's one that just won't hush.

Help me be a light for you each place I go.
Your love and goodness, mercy and care, help me Lord to show.
But most of all dear Lord I pray, that you would give me words to say,
when people I meet who need to hear of why I hold you Jesus, so dear.
Lord I want the world to know that it is because you love us so,
Your precious son was crucified.
Jesus died on the cross so we might have life.
Yes, I love you Jesus, and this I pray, that I might bring you glory today.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookies and Cakes, and MORE Cookies and Cakes!

Well, it's been a busy few weeks here at the bakeshop! my oven has been working overtime, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. My boys (all 3) have been so patient with me as I mix and roll and cut and bake and clean and do it all over again. I try really hard to only bake when John Merritt and Samuel are asleep, but for the last few weeks, I've been having to sneak in a few minutes here and there in the kitchen. I goofed a little on my calendar, and took on a little too much. It's been a hobby on steroids to say the least. It all began with this chocolate monster. This was a sweet sixteen cake for our niece Aubrey. This is called a candy barrel cake and I thought it was quite fitting since it was a chocolate themed party. Happy Birthday Aubrey!

The next day, I catered an entire party. ALL the food. It was lots of fun, but I was one tired puppy. And I have no pictures of my beautiful food.
The next weekend I created this pretty cake for a sweet 7 year old who wanted a "Jesus" birthday party. Thanks Christy, I hope Sidney Clay liked her cake.

That same weekend, I had another cake of monstrous proportions to complete. It's another cake and cookie combo and it had to feed 50. Word is the Birthday Boy loved it and wouldn't let anyone have a cookie. I also did star wars cookies on a stick for his party at preschool. Thanks again Abby!

Snowflake cookies for a dance class and a preschool class. Thanks Tracy and Elizabeth!

Melted snowmen cookies for a class party at Burlington Day School. Thanks Tracy...again!
Polka Dot Christmas trees for a preschool class party. Thanks so much June!

And finally, a farm themed birthday cake. Once again, it's a cookie and cake combo! Love those!
Thanks so much Tracy!

All of this may not seem like much to you, but each cookie takes a great deal of time and has to dry for 36 hours or so before you can bag them up. I really have to think ahead and can't leave everything to do last minute. Just keeping up with when I need to do what is a chore!
Only a few more projects before Christmas, and then a very special cake is scheduled for Christmas Day...a birthday cake for Jesus! Can't wait to bake that one with my boys.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Which One Would You Choose?

Every year, I frame a picture of our boys for the mantle. It's fun to pull those out each Christmas and see how they've grown. We had a little photo shoot before church yesterday, and I thought you could help me choose which photo I should frame. Here are your choices.
This one's not that bad, but they can do better.
Like this one.
This one is great!
This one would have been cute, but my flash was off.
This one's a keeper!
But this one is by far my favorite!
I'm just kidding. We'll try again another day.