Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Morning Father

Here I am this morning Lord, ready to start my day.
I pray that you will guide me Lord, in each and every way.
Help me be kind an gentle Lord, and patience is a must,
especially with my children Lord, there's one that just won't hush.

Help me be a light for you each place I go.
Your love and goodness, mercy and care, help me Lord to show.
But most of all dear Lord I pray, that you would give me words to say,
when people I meet who need to hear of why I hold you Jesus, so dear.
Lord I want the world to know that it is because you love us so,
Your precious son was crucified.
Jesus died on the cross so we might have life.
Yes, I love you Jesus, and this I pray, that I might bring you glory today.

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