Sunday, January 2, 2011

Howdy Pardner!

Our Family had the opportunity to go horseback riding! Yay! Thanks to a really nice family I met through my cakes and cookies, we had a blast on Friday out at their farm. The little boys were a little hesitant at first. This is Buddy the horse. He IS rather large!
But after a while, John Merritt warmed up. Here he is brushing Buddy.

Sam even managed to pet him a little.
We were so proud of John Merritt for even getting on him. John Merritt is very cautious!
After a few times around the ring, he was in the saddle by himself with Daddy leading.
I got to play with Lil for a little while. Man am I sore. It's only been about 5 years since I've been on a horse!
Daddy and John Merritt on Buddy
Here's a video of JM's first ride!

And here's a picture of the first and only time Samuel would get on!
It was a really fun day on the farm! Thanks so much to Cyndi, Taylor, Allyson and Grace Patterson. You guys were so nice and generous to spend some time with us! The boys are still talking about the experience!

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  1. Too fun! You finally got John Merritt on a horse, much bigger than the pony at the festival!