Sunday, July 10, 2011

Painting Party Goodies and a Big Mermaid Cake!

The bakery has been hopping this week! I had 2 projects for this weekend. One was rather small in numbers, but challenging all the same. A really smart mommy friend of mine celebrated her daughter's 5th birthday with a painting party. So much fun! I made a mini cake and matching cupcakes.
Love the cupcakes!

I also made cookies in the shape of cupcakes and iced them in white. The party girls used edible markers to decorate them! Thanks Laura! Always a pleasure!

My other cake for the weekend was one John Merritt would deem "big honkin' cake." It was really fun to work on. Love, love it when people give me free reign. I loved how it turned out. Everything is edible except the dowel supports inside the cake and the sticks holding the topper on the top of the cake. The topper is made out of white chocolate.
Fondant seashells and brown sugar for sand.

The coral is made with plain old sugar and food coloring. You boil sugar and a little water to a high temperature then you pour it over ice. I sprinkled mine with sanding sugar. Can't wait to use that technique again!
Thanks Laura (yes, the birthday girls and the moms had the same names!) it was a joy to make Caroline's cake!

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