Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Field Trip!

Monday our family loaded up in the minivan and took a family field trip to the North Carolina Transportation Museum. It was only a 1 and 1/2 hour drive so it was a perfect day trip for us. I thought it was well worth the trip and as a history buff, I was very pleased. My boys of course were in heaven. If there were ever two boys that REALLY LIKED trains, trucks, cars, planes or any of the above, it is my boys. Even the baby can turn a piece of watermelon into a car and drive it all over his high chair tray while "running" his motor! I thought I'd post a few pics and videos from our field trip today. Hope you enjoy!

Daddy and John Merritt have their tickets punched by the conductor.Waiting for the train on an old freight cart.We toured the old round house where we found lots of old trains and vehicles like this old bus.
The boys ride the train!

Here are a few videos. Watching the turntable was really neat and Samuel really liked the model trains.

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