Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindergarten Physics Lesson

Physics? In Kindergarten? Sure! What 5 year old boy wouldn't love to learn about and experiment with simple machines? John Merritt, Samuel and a couple of friends, Baer and Tieg, got together today for a special science lesson. We learned that God gives man creativity to develop tools that help him work. We had a great discussion about inventions (especially tractors) that help us work. We looked at pictures of simple machines, and then we went outside to experiment. We lifted heavy blocks with a lever, hauled Tieg around on a hand cart. Tried out a caulk gun and saw how a pulley worked. We came back inside to draw a picture of a simple machine, and then went back out to "play" with a simple machine, a tricycle! How can a 4 and 5 year old move around 120 pounds? Watch the smilebox to see how!
(please pay no attention to the puffy pregnant woman with no make up and grocery getter shoes on in the pictures!)

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