Saturday, August 6, 2011

What a Week!

It's been a big week here at the Wilkersons! John Merritt starting kindergarten is the biggest news. We homeschool, so we are at liberty to begin when we choose. I thought it would be a good idea to get an early start since baby #3 will make his/her appearance sometime right after Christmas. John Merritt had a great first week! Mom made a boo boo with the calendar and put the wrong date on the little sign he is holding. We actually began on Tuesday August 2nd. Can someone please write "dork" on my forehead? You can see in the picture that our school calendar is wrong also. We also instituted our first chore chart for John Merritt. I listed all of the tasks he is responsible for throughout the day and he has been keeping track with a marker. As of Thursday though, we changed to stickers. Bet you can't guess why! The chore chart has been great and has really helped him take initiative to keep himself and his room neat and tidy. It's so nice to have a child dressed, with his bed made and pajamas put away before you even get out of bed! Way to go John Merritt!
Sam has had a banner week as well. We began the journey through potty training 2 weeks ago, and I think he's really gotten the hang of it. Not that we aren't without our accidents, but he's doing great and staying dry most of the time.
We had a few animal visitors. Two of them I was able to snap pictures of, but the little fawn that plays in our yard eluded my camera once again.
We celebrated a wonderful week with a trip to the bouncy place at the mall with some good buddies and fellow homeschoolers. I think the pictures and video will tell all! Thanks guys for a fun time!
Here are all of the pictures! Enjoy!
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  1. Isn't it Exciting?! Our first day will be August 15. I am sure John Merritt is having a blast! You always plan the coolest stuff!