Monday, September 26, 2011

John Merritt "Soccer Machine" Wilkerson

John Merritt had his 3rd soccer game tonight. He was a MACHINE! I think the game has finally clicked with him and the practice that he and Daddy put in this last week has really paid off. He was all over the field after that ball! He even scored a goal! AND he had a great time playing.
Of course, soccer player in training was there playing on the sidelines. Check out the shirt mom fixed him.
He loves to play ball.

"Our goal is that way!"
He's got the ball!

Digging in!
"Hey man, watch those hands!"
Getting a little instruction from Coach.
Taking a water break after scoring a goal!
Talking to his buddy Jessie.
Go John Merritt! Go Jessie!
Shaking hands after the game.
And THIS is what we do after an exciting soccer game gets us all wound up! (don't worry, they're clean!)
Boys. Enough said.


  1. Yeah! go John Merritt!! So glad he's loving soccer! Wish we were on the same team, but looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  2. Great playing Cousins!!!Have fun!