Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Fun

John Merritt just completed his 6th week in kindergarten! Wow! Time sure has flown by. I'm very pleased with the progress we are making just in these few weeks. Homeschooling is such a joy and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity. I understand it's not for everyone, but it is a blessing to this family! I snapped a few pictures during some of our interesting projects this week.
We learned about prepositions and personal pronouns this last week in English. We used a little goose and a wagon to learn about prepositions. It's amazing what a 5 year old can grasp when you make it hands on and explain it on their level. We acted out many different sentences about the goose and the wagon.
Our spelling list contained 10 prepositions and we made sure to use those in our sentences.
Here is JM doing a little map work in geography.
We had a fun science lesson this week where we learned more about God's wonderful creation and how we can classify matter into 3 categories. We classified objects around the house and then used water to see how matter can change forms.
Using the microwave to change from solid to liquid.

Almost melted!
Then we used the stove to watch the liquid change into gas.
So neat!
Our history lesson this week helped us to see all about God's Principle of Individuality, our focus principle for kindergarten. We went on a nature walk and collected leaf samples.

Then we brought them in to study and to classify.
We made leaf rubbings for our notebooks and a few for Dad.
We're looking forward to next week!

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