Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Sweets

I thought I would post pictures of my baking projects from the last couple of weeks. I've posted most of these on facebook, so facebookers, these will be a repeat for you.
If you wonder how I do all of this baking while home schooling and caring for 2 active boys, just scroll down to the end of this post.

These cute apple cookies were for a kindergartner's "Apple Day" at Burlington Day School. Thank you Katy!

As you can tell, I'm obsessed with baking. I saw these on another blog and had to give them a go last night. They're called "cupcookies". cute!

Here's a baby shower cake that was for a "girly girl." Thank you Ashley!
Elmo cake for a cute 2 year old birthday girl. Thanks Andrea! see you in class on Wed.
Bridal shower cake. Thank you Stacy!
Dora the Explorer for a 6th birthday. Thank you Ms. Ann!
Mickey cake and matching cookies for Bryson. Thanks again Ashley!

And here's what the baby does while I bake!

Just kidding! I bake and decorate when the boys are asleep, 99% of the time.

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  1. I love when you post pictures of your baked goodies!