Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our First Field Trip

This wasn't a normal field trip. The kind we used to go on where you had to wear uncomfortable name tags and the same color shirts, and where the teacher had to try and cram 30 lunches in 1 cooler. The only kids you will see in these pictures are John Merritt and Samuel. You see, we are a homeschool family. John Merritt started 4 year old kindergarten on August 16th. And Samuel, well, he's only 16 months, but he's already reading. Just kidding. He does join us for bits and pieces of our lessons. And he'll go over to the calendar and make grunting noises while pointing to the different numbers. Yes, we homeschool and we LOVE it! Because what school would let you go on a field trip dressed like THIS!

We homeschool using the Principle Approach. Our curriculum is structured by Biblical principles and leading ideas. One principle that we've been learning a great deal about since we began in August is God's principle of individuality. By studying this truth, we learn that each created thing has a unique identity from God. There's much more I could share about that, but I'll move on. In literature, we've been reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Most of the story takes place in Mr. McGreggor's garden. What better place to see this principle of individuality displayed than a vegetable garden? In fact, a garden is so rich in biblical principle display, I could go on and on! But I'll keep moving.
Well, the season is past for vegetables, but I happen to pass by the Cooperative Extension office earlier in the week, and I noticed they had overgrown lettuce and cabbage growing around their flag pole. Peter Rabbit LOVED lettuce, so we thought we'd swing by and take a look. Come to find out, they have an entire "teaching garden" where most of the plants are labeled. What a beautiful display of God's diversity and they even labeled it for us! John Merritt took some of these photos. He's quite the photographer. Our friend Allison would be proud.
What happened to this cabbage I don't know. Any cabbage growers out there? I'm thinking this is what it looks like when you just let it do whatever.You can see some type of lettuce behind the cabbage plant.

This plant was really neat. It's common name is "lamb's ear" and that's exactly what it felt like when you petted it.
Samuel loved the huge stepping stones.
Here's a muscadine vine.
Sam's checking out that evergreen. It felt really neat too.
Look at these big gourds that were hanging from a tree.
They even had a little water feature.
Look at those colors! Wow God, that's pretty! Thank you for creating all of these neat plants. Thank you for making these purple and not green.
Can you tell Samuel doesn't like it when John Merritt tries to make him stand still?
And why do these "put your arm around your brother" shots never work out? Could you help me out on that one Allison?
It was a great first field trip and I'm looking forward to many more. But you know, I didn't have to go very far to see God's beautiful principle of individuality...I'm living with one special little individual.
God made me Special.
Like no one else you see.
He made me a witness,
to His diversity.

Rosalie Slater

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