Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Candy Corns and Soccer Balls

It's been a busy week in the Sweet Manna Bakeshop! We've made lots and lots and LOTS of cookies and one really cute soccer cake. Since July, I've gone through 50 pounds of flour. I don't even know how many pounds of butter and sugar I've gone through and I'm positive I've gone through enough eggs that would justify us having our own chicken coop in the back yard! Obsessed...yes, maybe a little. I'll admit it. I love creating things. But I think it's more than me enjoying baking cookies. I think creativity is something my Father has placed inside my heart. I was created in His image, right? So I guess I'm "seeing my Father in me" by finding joy in creating things. He is the perfect Creator, after all!

I did 7 dozen of these cute candy corn cookies for 2 different parties and for John Merritt's and Samuel's Little Gym classes. I had an extra one and I sent it (wrapped of course) through the drive through tube at the bank. We sat in the van and laughed and laughed as we thought about how surprised the teller would be.
These pumpkins were for a 2 year old's class party. I love these!
These polka dot pumpkins went to a play school class party.
Don't you just love raffia?

These were soccer ball cookie favors for an end of season party.
And here's the cake to match. The hardest part of this one was not sculpting each player's face out of gumpaste, but it was putting the pattern on the soccer ball! ugh. I love, love, love, how it turned out though. This team was made up of mostly 4 year old's!

I even matched the hairstyles and hair colors! I love to personalize.

The polka dot pumpkins, the soccer cookies and cake all went to one really sweet mom friend of mine. I'm sure her suv smelled like one big cookie by the time she made it home! Thanks again Meredith.
Now I think I better go clean the layer of powdered sugar that has built up all over my kitchen!

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