Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marvelous Mondays

For the past two Mondays, Daddy has been able to join us for an adventure. We've really enjoyed these special times and we hope to have many more.
Our first "marvelous Monday" took us to the zoo! It was a beautiful day and the animals really put on a show for us. Enjoy these videos!

Yesterday we enjoyed a special breakfast at Chick-fil-a, then we went for a family hike. It was another beautiful Monday.
Check out the nifty backpack! Thanks Ashley for sharing your backpack with us!

Just what is down in that hole??

The leaves are beginning to turn.

John Merritt found a "walking stick."

We stopped for a rest and a quick lunch.

Riding in a backpack makes a baby thirsty!

"You're not putting me back in that thing!!"

It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed God's beautiful creation. Thank you Jesus!


  1. Where did you hike? It looks beautiful!

  2. It's right down past Western High School. You turn on Gerringer (sp?) Mill Road. There is a gravel parking lot on the left just past the bridge. You'll see the trail head signs there. We've arranged for a canoe trip for Hubby and our 4 year old for next Monday from that spot. It's a great trail. Marked very well.