Monday, April 25, 2011

Yoda Cookie Tutorial

Finally, finally I have completed a little demonstration/tutorial video. Many people have asked me to make one so I finally was able to photograph my way through my Yoda cookies. Now please keep in mind, this is a pretty advanced cookie and I've had a lot of practice. I should have made a basics video first, but this is the way it happened. I'm working on straight forward star cookies this week and I'll try to video the basics. You need to start with a good quality cookie (smooth and without rounded edges) in order for your icing to work right. So enjoy this video and remember it was my first one so don't be too harsh! I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means! This is just what works for me. There are many, many schools of thought regarding cookie decorating, and I know several decorators that could decorate circles around me!
And for all you who have no desire whatsoever to stay up all hours of the night baking and decorating cookies, I'm sure it will be interesting just to watch. It is kind of neat! You'll also see how much time I put into my cookies! if the video is choppy, press pause and let it load a while before you watch it. took me a while to figure that one out!


  1. Meridith,

    Thanks for sharing. You are so talented! I do cookies, not at this level though. I learned something by watching. I love mixing the color with extract to paint the eye color, and love how you painted the lines on for 3 D look. The ones i have done usually stopped at outlining, and maybe a few dots after the first layer dryed...Alivia's birthday party is Saturday..should I attempt to do Rapunzel (tangled) hmm....I also love the idea of coping a picture from the internet, to get the cookie shape. I have a question about that, do you just go around the copy with a knife on the dough? Also do you share your cookie recipe? I understand if you do not. I have one i use, but i would love to look at yours...thanks Meridith!!

  2. Cool, I thank God for you and your talent....!!!

  3. Nice, when you use royal icing the cookies don't come out too hard? How thick do you roll out the cookies? Thanks.

  4. Hi Anonymous! Yes, royal icing does get really hard. But my cookies are thick and soft and I've never had anybody complain or break a tooth on the royal. I roll them about 3/8 of an inch thick and I don't over bake. There's a corn syrup icing that I like and it tastes better than royal, but I can't ever get the same control and detail as I can with the royal. Plus, for me the corn syrup icing seems really hard to pipe, especially out of a #1 tip!
    I've also iced with fondant and that is really soft and yummy. It's harder to get the icing to the edge of the cookie, but you could do the same painting and top icing with the fondant on there. Flavor it with lemon and it tastes like lemon pound cake!! Thanks for watching!